SAT English SAT Prep
Course Number:  ROLA12C.E2020
Length:  1 semester (0.5 credits)
Total Course Cost:  $150.00  (Tuition Value:  $70.00  + Teacher Fee:  $80.00)
Instructor:  Mark Woodward 

Course Description: While high school grades are a very useful indicator of how students will perform in college, there is great variation in grading standards and course rigor within and across high schools. More than 80 years ago the College Board created the first standardized college entrance test to help colleges and universities identify students who could succeed at their institutions and to connect students with educational opportunities beyond high school.

    Today, the SAT is the benchmark standardized assessment of the critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills students have developed over time and that they need to be successful in college. Each year, more than two million students take the SAT. Nearly every college in America uses the test as a common and objective scale for evaluating a student's college readiness. (Source:

   English SAT Prep requires the completion of 3 mini-courses within the E2020 curriculum.  These mini-courses should be completed in order.  Once one is completed, the next will be assigned.  Following are the mini-courses along with its approximate time to complete and grading scale:

Mini-Course Name
Average Hours
to Compete 
Maximum Hours
to Complete
 Grade Weights
 SAT Critical Reading I  16  31
 Quiz 68%
Assignment 32%
 SAT Critical Reading II  16  30
Quiz 68%
Assignment 32%
 SAT Critical Writing I  16  28
Quiz 68%
Assignment 32%
 Totals  48  89