Computer Programming   Computer Science 1
Course Number:  ROOE5722.E2020
Length:  1 semester (0.5 credits)
Total Course Cost:  $150.00  (Tuition Value:  $70.00  + Teacher Fee:  $80.00)
 Instructor:  Mark Woodward
Course Description:
      This course introduces students to the basics of computer science through a series of projects that allow for creativity and experimentation. Students will create a diverse portfolio of projects using Python, an open-source programming language used by professional programmers worldwide, as they learn about commands and functions, values and variables, Graphical User Interface (GUIs), modular and object-oriented programming, and events and event-driven processes.
  1. Course Orientation and Course Overview
  2. Starting with Python
  3. Graphical Hello World
  4. Variables
  5. Loops
  6. A Drawing Program
  7. Software Development
  8. Strings and Lists
  9. Final Test