Motor Board
Post Secondary Prep
Course Number:    RB856
Length:  2 semester (1.0 elective credits)
Instructor:  Allegra Machado 

Course Description:
Welcome to Post Secondary and Career Prep!  This course is designed to help high school Juniors and Seniors prepare for Career and/or College Success.  This program will help guide you in exploring your Career/College options and provide a framework for achieving success by completing a Culminating Project Portfolio that can be used as a resource for every job, college, scholarship, training opportunity to which they apply.    

Instructional Topics:
Students will work on developing a Culminating Project Portfolio, which will highlight what they have learned and experienced spanning their high school education by storing personal works in a portfolio. This portfolio will include but are not limited to items such as:
  • Transcripts
  • Activities lists
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Job Applications
  • FAFSA Forms and Information 
  • Financial Aid applications
  • Scholarship applications
  • Personal Essays
  • Awards/Certificates
  • Best work examples