Human Resources Forms & Documents

Volunteer Application Form Used for individual requesting to perform volunteer work in the district.

Teacher Learning Plan Form Used for individual learning plan. Required of all tenured teachers not on the evaluation cycle.

Physical Form Required once every three years.

Transfer Request Use to request a transfer from one building to another. Transfers within the same building do not require a transfer request. Return to Human Resources. Requests filed before March 1 will receive primary consideration.

Course Approval All courses taken for educational advancement or reimbursement must be pre-approved. Complete this form and submit to Human Resources for approval.

Salary Movement Use the salary movement form to apply for educational movement (moving from one educational lane to another) on the salary schedule. Application deadline is March 1.

Credit Work Sheet Use this form to identify and total the hours of credit for salary movement application.

Direct Deposit Use the direct deposit form if you want paychecks to be deposited directly into your bank account. Return completed forms to Payroll or Human Resources. Remember to include a voided check.

Change of Information Form Use to change address with H.R. and Payroll.

ID Badge Replacement Use this form if you want request for a new ID badge or to replace a lost or existing ID badge. Instructions on form.

Sick Leave Bank Application Use this form to apply to use sick leave. Instructions on form.

Sick Leave Bank Application (Certified Staff) Use to sign up or withdraw from sick leave bank. Submit to Payroll.

Sick Leave Bank Application (Classified Staff) Use to sign up or withdraw from the sick leave bank. Submit to Payroll.

Professional Leave Request Form Use to request professional leave as per contract Area 7, Section 3.

Telework Agreement Form This is an agreement between KGBSD and the employee to perform designated work and duties at an alternate work location.

Business Office Forms & Documents

Employee Report of Occupational Injury Complete this form to report injuries occurring at work or in the course of employment and submit to your supervisor immediately.

Account Payable - Claims Schedule

Asset Transfer-Disposal Sheet Complete this form for any transfer or disposal of assets that have been tagged.

Change of Information Form Keep your e-mail and mailing address updated with this form. Please turn in to Payroll.

Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement

Payroll Advance Request Complete this form to request a payroll advance or to discontinue already occurring payroll advances. Submit completed form to payroll. (Note: not all employees are eligible to request payroll advances)

Equipment Sale Release Form Complete form for any sale of assets. Return to Colleen Castle for payment.

Form W-4 Employee's Withholding Certificate Have a life event and need to update your taxes being withheld? Fill out a new W-4 and route it to Payroll.

Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Health Insurance Application Complete this form to enroll in and/or drop health insurance coverage due to a qualifying life event or open enrollment. Please submit completed forms to Payroll.

Mileage Form Approved mileage reimbursement shall be at the rate of $0.505 per mile.

Payroll - Payroll Cutoff Dates and Payroll Dates

Requisition Form Excel Document to be completed for all purchase orders and reimbursements.

School Driver Registration Form

Sole Source Justification Form Sole source justification form

Student Accident Form Please scan or route to Vicki Wallace in Central Office.

Travel Forms Fill out before all district travel is made. See Colleen Castle for assistance.

Special Services Forms and Documents

Transportation Form

Use this form to request transportation for Special Services students.